Comment Rules and Guidelines

The DMOJ has some rules and guidelines for comments in place to ensure a positive online environment for everyone. Failing to abide by these rules guidelines can result in moderation, or in extreme cases, muting.


  1. No duplicate comments. You may not post very similar comments for visibility. Such attempts at visibility may be dealt with harshly. Punishments likely include having all similar comments removed and muting. No attempts will be made to merge your comments or otherwise perform clean up on your behalf. Similarly, if you repeat other people's comments, it will be deleted. If you echo a sentiment, feel free to upvote the relevant comment.

  2. No promotion of own websites. The DMOJ is not a directory service: our goal is not to generate traffic for your own website, and we do not tolerate such attempts. If you wish to publish problem editorials or other content to help other users, feel free to contact us. We will help you use the system already in place and give you due credit for it.

  3. No excessive low quality posts. Users who have a history of making irrelevant and off-topic comments, or otherwise violate the rules and guidelines repetitively may be muted. If you do not know how to express yourself in a helpful manner, we respectfully ask you to not express yourself at all. A rule of thumb: if other users would be surprised when you posted a good comment, you probably have a bad history.


  1. Comments should be helpful to future users. Comments that report issues and are unlikely to aid future users may be deleted after the issue in question is resolved. Irrelevant and off-topic comments will be removed. We do this to reduce clutter and ensure our users can find the content they are looking for. (Also, note that you can instead use Discord to contact admins and other users instead of comments).

  2. Narcissism is unlikely to end well. It is rather unlikely that people would appreciate your failed attempts to look smart, so we do not recommend that you try. Remember, if there are many users who solved a problem correctly and without issues, then it is far more likely that you have made a mistake than everyone before you.