GFSSOC ‘17 Junior Division

Welcome to Glenforest's Open Contest Junior Division for 2017!

Once upon a time, there was a student at Glenforest named Ace Zhan. Ace is a smart boy except for all the stupid things he has done, including but not limited to:

  • Shaking a bottle of iodine and spilling staining iodine all over the floor
  • Taking $200 dollars of school printing credits and not returning it
  • Pronouncing "sedan" as "seedan" and "coupe" as "cooper"
  • Getting all "Ns" for learning skills in grade 11 chemistry
  • Getting disqualified at DECA provincials
  • Trying to get into Waterloo Software Engineering

Why is the last one stupid? Because this man chose to take music in grade 10 rather than computer science and now has zero programming experience. Oh well. Now he has to prove to Waterloo he’s worthy of software engineering.

Throughout this contest, you will help Ace apply for software engineering.

All problems are 100 points, with one exception. Good luck, have fun!


Problem Points AC Rate Users
GFSSOC '17 J1 - Ramen and Studying 3p 22.2% 93
GFSSOC '17 J2 - Admission Average 3p 47.6% 170
GFSSOC '17 J3 - AIF Essay 7 15.9% 29
GFSSOC '17 J4 - Top Courses 7 10.2% 22
GFSSOC '17 J5 - Choosing Extracurriculars 7 32.8% 25
GFSSOC '17 Bonus Question 1p 10.0% 2


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    tig567899  commented on Jan. 19, 2017, 6:02 p.m.

    Due to a request, the end time has been extended to 12 am on Jan. 21st.