Don Mills Programming Gala 2016

On Wednesday, May 18th, the second ever Don Mills Programming Gala was held. Over 140 students from 13 different schools competed at the live on-site competition held at Don Mills C.I. A huge thank you goes out to the supervisors for taking time out of their schedules to chaperone their students.

We hope all competitors from participating schools enjoyed their time at DMCI:

  • Don Mills C.I.
  • Forest Hill C.I.
  • Glenforest S.S.
  • Leaside H.S.
  • Marc Garneau C.I.
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau H.S.
  • Richmond Hill H.S.
  • Runnymede C.I.
  • Thornhill S.S.
  • University of Toronto Schools
  • William Lyon Mackenzie C.I.
  • York Memorial C.I.
  • York Mills C.I.

Congratulations to our winners!

Rank Gold Division Silver Division Bronze Division
1^{st} Trudeau Team 20 York Mills Team 7 Mackenzie Team 3
2^{nd} Glenforest Team 5 Marc Garneau Team 2 Don Mills Team 10
3^{rd} Marc Garneau Team 1 Richmond Hill Team 2 Mackenzie Team 5
Live Leaderboard Leaderboard Leaderboard
Mirror Leaderboard Leaderboard Leaderboard

We hope everybody enjoyed the contest. All problems have been published to the judge and can be found here.

Programming Gala Image