Frequently Asked Questions

My points don't add up!

DMOJ uses a weighted points system - solving a problem worth, say 5 points, doesn't necessarily mean that your PP will go up by 5 points. Rather, your hardest problems are worth more, and your easier problems are worth less. This is to encourage you to try the harder problems.

But what if I can't solve hard problems?

There is also a bonus points system, based on how many problems you've attempted. For more information, see this blog post.

How do I get a coloured username?

Simple! Just write a rated contest! These contests can easily be distinguished by the rated tag in the contest list, and will also say so on the contest page.

The colours correspond to the following ratings:

Ratings Chart
1500-1799Candidate Master

Finally, a black username is for administrators, like quantum, Xyene, FatalEagle, WallE256, and Kirito.

Help! I got an Internal Error!

Usually, an internal error will not go away in seconds. The administrators and/or problem setters will generally be notified and will usually post a comment on the problem once it has been fixed.

Until then, we encourage you to not submit. Doing so will only create more error messages on our end, and might prevent us from finding other problems that are also broken.

What does -9999 score on a contest mean?

It means that you have been suspected of cheating on a contest. If you believe that this judgement has been made in error, you are encouraged to email us at contact -at- or join the Slack.

I would like to set a problem (or contest) on DMOJ. How can I do so?

As a security precaution, you must have 2-factor authetication enabled. Afterwards, you should read through this document and send an email to contact -at- with your username.

Moderation Team

Below are the contacts for the staff members who actively moderate the site. For general purposes, we request that you please email contact -at-

  • Rimuru: FlatPaper#3462 on Discord, Rimuru on Slack.
  • Pookmeister: Pooks#6399 on Discord, Pooks on Slack.
  • magicalsoup: magicalsoup on Slack.
  • richardzhang: Dessertion#9421 on Discord, richardzhang on Slack.
  • c: EhhThing#3726 on Discord, Larry on Slack.