A New Look for a New Year

posted on Sept. 15, 2015, 6:20 p.m.

With the start of a new contest season, we thought it was a perfect time to update the look and features of this site to be both more modern and more usable.

Aside from the macro changes (new header, etc.), here are a couple of things you may not have noticed that we hope will make your life better:

  • You can now be part of multiple organizations.
  • A nice "Copy" button for problem sample input and output has been added. Surprisingly useful.
  • C/++ compiler warnings and errors are now colored (Java will follow).
ccc07j1.cpp:10:32: error: expected primary-expression before ‘||’ token
     else if (y <= z && y >= x) || (y <= x && y >= z))) printf("%d", y);
  • The site now scales properly to large screens.
  • Contest start/end date, length and contest window are displayed in a more readable format.
A ContestMay 28, 2015, 11:00 - May 28, 2015, 21:10
3:00 window
  • The contest timer looks better, and no longer overlaps the Submit button.
  • A contest rating chart has been added on user pages.
  • <html><input id="hin" style="vertical-align: middle; display: none;" type="checkbox"><label for="hin" style="vertical-align:middle">You can now</label><input id="in" style="vertical-align:middle" type="checkbox"><label for="in" style="vertical-align:middle">Hide problems I've solved on another user's problem page.</label></html>
  • Improved problem searching: form auto-submits so you don't need to click "Go" every time, and the table may be sorted by <html></html> state now.
  • You can also search problems if you're not logged in now. For some reason, this wasn't possible before.

Most importantly of all, we are interested in your opinion on the changes. Love them? Hate them? Want a feature? Let us know!
Found a bug? Perfect! Report it on Github.


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    bobhob314  commented on Sept. 16, 2015, 6:33 p.m.

    Great job to whoever made this new look possible. :)