Competitive Programming Contest '19

posted on April 30, 2019, 11:03 p.m.

Thanks for participating in the Competitive Programming '19 Contest!

The winners are:

  1. d (perfect score!)
  2. scanhex
  3. george_chen
  4. zhouzixiang2004
  5. retrograd

Editorials for each of the problems have been uploaded to the respective problem pages.

Once again, a final thank you to all who participated, and to the problem authors!

Welcome to a non-standard DMOJ contest!

From May 4th to May 5th, we'll be hosting the Competitive Programming Contest!

The problem setters are: Rimuru, Plasmatic, crackersamdjam, verygoodallen, and wleung_bvg.

Anyone with a DMOJ account is welcome to participate, and anyone without one is welcome to register and participate.

Contestants may participate in any 3-hour window between May 4, 9:00 AM to May 5, 9:00 PM. Please see the contest page for more details.


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