Another Contest 6 Problem 6 - Name That Song

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Points: 1 (partial)
Time limit: 1.0s
Memory limit: 1G

Problem type

Name that song!

-5. Is this something that helps the medicine go down?
-4. Is this Amazon's logo?
-3. Is this something people on DMOJ implement?
-2. Is this someone who looks at stars?
-1. Is this your current state of being?
0.  How hard can it be?
1.  Is this a weapon without vowels?
2.  Is this something you probably need to do to stay alive?
3.  Is this something that floats?
4.  Is this a CCC problem?
5.  Is this a line?
6.  Is this what the problem is about?
7.  Is this a tie?
8.  Is this what your jungler never executes properly?
9.  Is this something you should not do in high school?
10. Is this something you would hear during Halloween?
11. Is this something you hope to be old enough to see?
12. Is this something Pusheen enthusiasts believe?
13. Is this something you wish your team wouldn't do when you try to split push?
14. Is this hyphenated?
15. Is this what happens when Soraka looks at you?
16. Is this something you should not try to do on DMOJ?
17. Is this something you would install in a tin man?
18. Is this a fictional island or a ranch?
19. Is this something most DMOJ users have yet to experience?
20. Is this something in the IOI syllabus?
21. Is this a phoenix?
22. Is this an IOI task?
23. Is this a celestial path?
24. Is this a phrase Doomsday Preppers would say?
25. Is this playing very loudly?

Input Specification

The input will consist of a single nonzero integer T, the number as presented in the above list.

Output Specification

Output the song being referenced. Your answer must match the format expected exactly.

Sample Input


Sample Output

Balls in the Air

Sample Explanation

The sample is not graded and is presented for clarity only. Per the input specification, this test case is actually invalid.


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