BSSPC '21 J1 - Eggy's New Clothes

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Points: 3
Time limit: 2.0s
Memory limit: 256M

Problem type

Eggy is a world-famous egg, and a world-famous egg needs to look like one. Thus, his dedicated attendant is going shopping for clothes that would fit his status as the world-famous egg.

Now, being an egg, Eggy's clothing size is a bit… different. You see, eggs are round, unlike humans (do not ask what this implies).

Thus, there is a special formula you must use to calculate the clothing size of an egg. The formula is ((s+2) \times 3) + 16, where s is Eggy's stretchiness. His dedicated attendant is trying to find clothes that will fit Eggy. Any clothes that are equal to or bigger than Eggy's clothing size will fit him. Any clothes that are smaller will not.

The attendant has found a lovely shirt for Eggy. He gives you the size of the shirt and asks you if the shirt will fit Eggy. Output Yes it fits! if the clothes will fit the world-famous egg, or No, it's too small :( if the clothes will not fit him.


1 \le s \le 20

1 \le x \le 150

Input Specification

The first line contains the integer s, denoting Eggy's stretchiness today.

The second line contains the integer x, denoting the clothing size the attendant has found.

Output Specification

Output Yes it fits! if the clothes fit Eggy. Otherwise, output No, it's too small :( if it will not fit.

Sample Input


Sample Output

Yes it fits!

Explanation for Sample Output

Using the special formula, we find Eggy's stretchiness to be ((3+2) \times 3) + 16 = 31. This is less than 32, so the shirt fits Eggy.


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