Editorial for CCC '17 S2 - High Tide, Low Tide

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Author: Kirito

Sort the tide measurements in increasing order, and find the index of the middle element. Afterwards, alternate printing the next smallest and next greater element.

Time Complexity: \mathcal O(N \log N)

import std.stdio;
import std.algorithm.sorting;

int N, a;
int[] tides;
void main() {
    scanf("%d", &N);
    foreach(i;0..N) {
        scanf("%d", &a);
        tides ~= a;
    int lo= N - 1 >> 1, hi = lo + 1;
    foreach(i;0..N) {
        if(i & 1)
            printf("%d ", tides[hi++]);
            printf("%d ", tides[lo--]);


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