Editorial for DMOPC '19 Contest 1 P1 - Test Scores

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Author: little_prince

One approach is to do some math. Suppose Veshy doesn't solve any of the problems. Therefore, his score would be -b_i n_i. Then, for every problem he solves, Veshy effectively gains a_i+b_i marks. Therefore, Veshy needs to solve at least \frac{t_i+b_i n_i}{a_i+b_i} problems. If the ceiling of this number is greater than n_i then Veshy cannot get t_i marks.

Another approach is to do binary search and continually guess the number of problems Veshy needs to answer, m such that ma_i \ge (n-m)b_i.

Time Complexity: \mathcal{O}(\sum_{i=1}^N \log n_i)


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