Editorial for DMOPC '19 Contest 5 P1 - Conspicuous Cryptic Checklist

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Author: Tzak

For each of the T_i items in the M lists of items required for the upcoming assignments, check if each item exists in the original list by iterating over it. This process can be made easier and faster through the use of a built-in data structure such as std::set in C++.


read N, M
read original_list
answer is 0
do M times
    read T_i, required_list
    ok is true
    for item in required_list
        if item not in original_list ok is false
    if ok add 1 to answer
print answer

Time complexity: \mathcal{O}(MT_i|s_i|N) or \mathcal{O}(MT_i|s_i|\log N)


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