Bruno and Tennis

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Points: 5 (partial)
Time limit: 2.0s
Memory limit: 16M

Problem type

One of Bruno's favourite pastimes is playing tennis with his friends. Coincidentally, you pass by a tennis court Bruno frequents and you see a figure through the wind nets that resembles Bruno. Being fascinated in tennis yourself, you are able to distinguish between the strokes of a lob, a forehand, and a backhand just by hearing them. You know that Bruno has a very particular style of tennis - he will lob every time his opponent hits a lob, and will not lob anytime else. Not wanting to disturb the possible Bruno's rally, you decide to listen and try to recognize Bruno's distinguishable style. KABLOOM! ZAPING! BURNING DESTINY FLAME CANNON! You are barely able to hear the swings of the rackets over the cool sound effects the two players are making, but luckily you pick up the sounds of N swings. The swings are alternated, and the first swing is by the non-Bruno player. Is it possible the second player is Bruno?

Input Specification

The first line contains one integer N. N is guaranteed to be an even number, and less than 1000.

The next N lines each contain a string, one of backhand, forehand, or lob.

Output Specification

If no lobs were hit, output the string Not enough information.

If at least one lob was hit and the second player has Bruno's distinguishable style, output the string Possible Bruno.

Otherwise, output BruNO.

Sample Input


Sample Output

Possible Bruno

Explanation for Sample Output

The rally went like this:

Non Bruno: lob

Bruno Candidate: lob

Non Bruno: backhand

Bruno Candidate: Forehand

Non Bruno: lob

Bruno Candidate: lob

Since the second player returned all of the first player's lobs with lobs and did not return the backhand with a lob, he is possibly Bruno.


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