Editorial for IOI '09 P3 - POI

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This problem is intended as a straightforward implementation exercise. After the data is loaded from the file, a first pass over it can be used to count the number of people not solving each task (and hence the number of points assigned to each task). A second pass then suffices to determine, for each contestant, the number of tasks solved and the score.

It is not necessary to completely determine the final ranking: Philip's rank is simply the number of contestants that appear before him in the ranking, plus one. This can be determined by comparing each contestant to Philip. A contestant C will appear ahead of Philip in the ranking if and only if:

  • C has a higher score than Philip; or
  • C has the same score as Philip, but has solved more tasks; or
  • C has the same score as Philip and has solved the same number of tasks, but has a lower ID.


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