Editorial for Mock CCC '24 Contest 1 J2 - Simple Elo Rating System

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Author: weewoo14

This problem asks you to simulate Alice and Bob's Elo ratings throughout the games they played. The intended solution was to iterate through the games and simulate each round. If the current game is a W, you set Alice's score to 1, if it is a T, you set Alice's score to 0.5, and if it is an L, you set Alice's score to 0. We can then calculate Alice's new rating with the given formula R_{newA} = R_A \ + (score -\frac{1}{10^\frac{R_B - R_A}{400} + 1}) \times K, and then calculate the difference from Alice's previous score to add to Bob's current score.

Time Complexity: \mathcal{O}(N)


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