ICPC PACNW 2016 A - Alphabet

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Points: 7
Time limit: 0.6s
Memory limit: 256M

Problem type

A string of lowercase letters is called alphabetical if deleting zero or more of its letters can result in the alphabet string abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.

Given a string s, determine the minimum number of letters to insert anywhere in the string to make it alphabetical.


The input consists of a single line containing the string s (1 \le \left|s\right| \le 50).

It is guaranteed that s consists of lowercase ASCII letters a to z only.


Print, on a single line, a single integer indicating the minimum number of letters that must be inserted in order to make the string s alphabetical.

Sample Input 1


Sample Output 1


Sample Input 2


Sample Output 2

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