TLE 2018-19 P6 - The Final Test

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Points: 40 (partial)
Time limit: 2.0s
Memory limit: 256M

Problem type
Allowed languages
Ada, Assembly, Awk, Brain****, C, C#, C++, COBOL, CommonLisp, D, Dart, F#, Forth, Fortran, Go, Groovy, Haskell, Intercal, Java, JS, Kotlin, Lisp, Lua, Nim, ObjC, OCaml, Octave, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Pike, Prolog, Python, Racket, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Scheme, Sed, Swift, TCL, Text, Turing, VB, Zig
What's inside the CS nerd's great and twisted mind?

The sound of your steps echoes through a dimly lit hallway.

You have solved all of the problems of TLE 2018-19, so you are here to claim your prize.

At the end of the hallway, you open a large door and enter a very large chamber. At the other end of the chamber, a man is seated at a desk, facing away.

I'm surprised you have made it here.

The man states in an ominous voice. The man turns around to face you. He is bald and sinister looking, and you suspect that he has some magical powers.

Being the curious programmer you are, you naturally ask, "Who are you?"

I believe it is finally time to reveal myself. I ... am ... the CS nerd - the true orchestrator behind all of the TLEs. I create the lore, the problems, the cancer.

"But why? Why do you make us suffer? Why do you come up with terrible problems that nobody wants to solve? Why do you use weak system testing so that contestants' hopes and dreams of having perfect scores are destroyed?"

I love seeing suffering, and I pride in my ability to cause it.

I am exceedingly glad when people fail on seemingly easy problems or problems that are confusing or deliberately annoying to implement.

System tests were never intended to prevent cheating. That was an elaborate excuse so that I could inflict maximum suffering.

"Then why do you hide your identity behind problem setters?"

The problem setters are merely puppets that I control. I use their weak human attributes to fool contestants into thinking that the contests were written for the people.

"You are truly a madman! What made you like this?"

Events that transpired many decades ago. But I'm sure you know what happened to me ... it is in the lore after all.

Now, I have a question for you. Why did you do this contest? Some did it for the lore. Some did it to challenge themselves. Some were tricked into doing it.

"I do it for glory. To have the most internet points. To be the greatest on DMOJ: Modern Online Judge. To be so great that others bow down to me."

See, you are beginning to think like me. And for your efforts, you shall be rewarded.

But not quite yet! Before you receive your grand prize, I have just one problem left for you.

"Yes, and what is it?"

Well, telling you the problem would be no fun, so let's increase your suffering a little:

Now look around - the problems you have done.

But notice something different in this one.

I see your futile efforts and I gloat -

From ignorance, you see but fail to note.

I'll be waiting for your answer...


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