2018 Canadian Computing Olympiad Day 2 Mirror

This will be a mirror of the 2018 Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO 2018), the contest primarily used to select Canada's IOI team. There are 2 separate contests, Day 1 and Day 2. Scoring will follow IOI format with full feedback and partial points but each task will be worth 25 points. For each day, you will be given 4 hours to solve 3 problems. Each day can be started at any time during the contest window.

The problem setters are azneye and Eliden.

The rounds will be unrated.


Problem Points AC Rate Users
CCO '18 P4 - Gradient Descent 15p 18.5% 80
CCO '18 P5 - Boring Lectures 20p 17.5% 48
CCO '18 P6 - Flop Sorting 30p 24.4% 24


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