CSPC '15 #1

Welcome to the first Crescent School Programming Competition!

Wylie the Coyote is trying to live out his daily life, but he needs some help. He has enlisted you to write him programs to help him and the Crescent School Community with their day to day tasks. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve the problems given to you by Wylie. The first ever Crescent School Programming Competition was written by Crescent School CS student Gorav N. Menon.

The contest is aimed at beginners who are learning to implement simple solutions.

After this contest was completed, he created "The Crescent School Programming Club". This group of dedicated students will be writing bi-monthly contests to appear on DMOJ. Gorav Menon would like to thank Xyene and the administrators of DMOJ for all their help with setting up this contest. If you have any questions please contact him at: goravmenon -at- crescentschool.org.


Problem Points AC Rate Users
CSPC '15 #1 - The Card Game 3 15.0% 108
CSPC '15 #2 - Build Season 3 39.8% 108
CSPC '15 #3 - Spell Check 7 25.8% 65
CSPC '15 #4 - Reading Logs 5 11.2% 18
CSPC '15 #5 - Averages 5 15.2% 35
CSPC '15 #6 - Attendance 7p 38.5% 25


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