Fast Matrix Multiplication

This is an unrated contest revolving around fast matrix multiplication. All problems will ask to quickly multiply an n \times m matrix by an m \times k matrix. The only differences among the various problems will be the parameters n, m, and k.

Note that test data, time limits, and scoring mechanism may change without notice. Ultimately, we only care about maximum time on a test case so we ask that participants not fret too much over the scoreboard.


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Fast Matrix Multiplication (1024x147 by 147x64) 5p 0.0% 0
Fast Matrix Multiplication (64x576 by 576x256) 5p 0.0% 0
Fast Matrix Multiplication (16x2304 by 2304x256) 5p 0.0% 0


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    Plasmatic  commented on July 27, 2019, 10:59 a.m.

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