NOIP '21 Mirror

This is an unofficial mirror (with unofficial test cases) of NOIP (Chinese National Olympiad in Informatics Provincial Round, approximately equivalent to CCC Stage 1) '21.

There are 4 problems, each worth 100 points, for 3 hours, with full feedback (actual NOIP is 3.5 hours, but without feedback).

This contest will not be rated.

We will upload more mirrors on the next few Mondays to prepare for the USACO from Dec 18 to 21. Discord for anyone who wants post/pre contest discussion:


Problem Points AC Rate Users
NOIP '21 P1 - Saying Numbers 10p 28.2% 55
NOIP '21 P2 - Sequence 20p 36.8% 35
NOIP '21 P3 - Variance 20p 12.7% 22
NOIP '21 P4 - Chess 20p 18.2% 6


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