New Year's 2015

Winter break is dragging on and on to the point where it's almost 2015, and you know what that means — more contests!

We'll make sure to curve the difficulty more appropriately in this contest than in the Christmas contest, so please take this contest!

In particular, we suggest that you read all the problems, since you may be better at some types of problems than others.

The problemsetters this time are BMP, FatalEagle, nullptr, quantum, and Xyene.


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Invitation Devastation 3 45.6% 203
Food Selection 5p 38.2% 76
Gift Wrap 5 60.2% 112
Leftover Eggnog 15p 25.9% 75
Message to Mars 20p 13.8% 32
Tiles 20p 21.2% 18