Back From Summer '17 Contest

posted on Sept. 3, 2017, 2:30 p.m.

Thanks for participating in BFS '17!

The winners are:

  1. bqi343
  2. imaxblue
  3. d

The winners will be contacted shortly about their prizes. Editorials will also be up shortly on the respective problem pages. In the meanwhile, we ask all contest participants to fill out a quick survey so we can improve future contests.

Survey here

We hope you see you next year!

Summer is just about over, and school is around the corner. We hope you had a great summer, and we want to make your school year even greater by kicking off with a new rated contest, including Amazon gift cards as prizes!

The contest will take place in a 2-hour window anywhere from Friday 3:30 PM - midnight EDT, and will consist of 6 problems of CCC Junior - CCC Senior difficulty.

See the contest page for details on contest rules and prizes.


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