Editorial for COCI '21 Contest 2 #3 Hiperkocka

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A single tree can be placed in the following way: root the tree in an arbitrary node, and place that node on an arbitrary node of the hypercube (say 0). Then we do a DFS on the tree, and when moving from a tree node that is placed on the hypercube node x to a new node using the i^\text{th} edge, we place it on the hypercube node x \oplus 2^i.

The rest of the trees can be placed as follows: for each x \in \{0, \dots, 2^n-1\} that has an even number of ones in binary, we take the hypercube nodes on which the first tree was placed and xor their labels with x. Notice that in such a way, we obtain 2^{n-1} trees.

A proof that the described trees make a tiling is left to the reader.


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