Mock CCC '23 Junior

Welcome to a mock CCC Junior contest!

The contest organizers are maxcruickshanks and Riolku.

The problem setters are elex, Tommy_Shan, and yunz_qiao.

Special thanks to 1234CindyT, andy_zhu23, ayay9, Dwin2020, JimmyLiu, LogicXD, Marshmellon, Neo, rickyqin005, RAiNcalleER8, Snowfall, tankibuds and tofu for testing and feedback on the problems.

The contest will run from February 11th, 00:00 EST until February 15th, 00:00 EST.

Here are the parameters of the contest:

  • Contest duration: 3 hours.
  • Ties will be broken by the maximum submission time that increased score with no penalties.
  • Number of problems: 5, full feedback.
  • Each problem will be worth 15 marks, and may have partial marks in the form of subtasks.
  • Scoreboard will be hidden, until your window is over.
  • Number of submissions allowed per problem: 50.
  • Checkers: identical.

Before the contest date, you may wish to check out the tips and help pages.

The problems range in difficulty from CCC Junior 1 to CCC Junior 5. It is highly recommended to read all of the problems. After the contest window begins, you may begin at any time. Your personal timer will start counting down, and you will be able to submit until 3 hours from when you started, or until the hard deadline, whichever comes first.

We have listed below some advice as well as contest strategies:

  • Remove all extra debugging code and/or input prompts from your code before submitting. The judge is strict — your output must match the judge output exactly.
  • Do not pause program execution at the end. The judging process is automated. You should use stdin / stdout to perform input / output, respectively.
  • It is guaranteed that all the problems will be solvable with C++.


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    Riolku  commented on Feb. 11, 2023, 4:33 a.m.

    For anyone who wrote before the contest was hidden, yes, you may write it again if you wish. Please keep in mind that it is no longer rated.