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Contest length: 4 hours
Total number of problems: 9
Total points: 780

This contest will not be rated.

Problem # Test cases Points per Test Total points Time limit Memory limit
A - Senseless Census 20 3 60 1s 256MB
B - Lost in the Shuffle 20 3 60 1s 256MB
C - Maths of Glory 20 3 60 1s 256MB
D - Stake Your Claim 20 4 80 1s 256MB
E - Feeding Friendsy 16 5 80 2.5s 256MB
F - Trip Navigator 20 5 100 1s 256MB
G - Snack Attack 20 5 100 1s 256MB
H - Fetch Quest 15 8 120 5s 256MB
I - Spheere Mongers 20 6 120 1s 256MB
  • The first test of each problem is always one of the sample input/output.
  • All the tests use standard input/output.


  • Please note that if the output requires a string, all the characters have to be the same as the standard solution (in particular, double check the spaces, punctuation, upper/lower cases, etc.).
  • The problems are not necessarily sorted from easiest to hardest, especially everyone has different knowledge set. If any problems look hard to you, just skip to try the next one!
  • You can use whatever language/compiler supported by DMOJ (but you need to choose the compiler when you submit your code). Using C++ is highly recommended to avoid time limit exceeding error.


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