Glenforest Winter Open 2014 (Junior)

Glenforest SS introduces our first open contest!

After hearing about DMCI's amazing computer science program and legendary programmers, Griffy has decided to plan a visit! However, not all things go according to plan, and trouble lurks just beyond the horizon! Griffy, knowing that Don Mills is a dangerous and unpredictable place, has asked you to accompany him on his journey!

The junior contest will feature 5 problems ranging from easy to moderately hard, intended for programmers with basic knowledge of algorithms and a programming language! The contest is modelled after the CCC, and thus you will have 3 hours to complete it. Solution notes will be posted on our facebook group the morning after.

At any time during the contest, if you find the problems too simple, you may switch over to the senior contest.

It is also recommended if this is your first contest, to check out dmoj's tips and help pages before starting.

CONTEST IS OVER The solutions can be found at

enter image description here


Problem Points AC Rate Users Editorials
Flying Plushies 3p 53.2% 587 Editorial
Wow much parking lot 3p 55.5% 375 Editorial
Waiting 3p 53.7% 294 Editorial
Tic Tac Moe! 5p 28.1% 289 Editorial
Pursuit of Knowledge 10p 24.1% 352 Editorial


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