Glenforest Winter Open 2014 (Senior)

Glenforest SS introduces our first open contest!

Wowzers! Griffy has successfully entered DMCI on his trek of friendship! However, he is now having difficulties getting to know his to-be-programming-friends. Because Griffy gets nervous easily, he requests you to assist him in finishing his friendship quest!

The senior contest features 5 problems from easy to challenging, intended for programmers with a solid understanding on common algorithms and data structures. The Contest is modelled after the CCC, and thus you will have 3 hours to complete it. Solution notes will be posted on our facebook group the morning after.

At any time during the contest, if you find the problems too difficult, you may switch over to the junior contest.

It is also recommended if this is your first contest, to check out dmoj's tips and help pages before starting. enter image description here

CONTEST IS OVER The solutions can be found at


Problem Points AC Rate Users Editorials
Friendship is a number 5p 40.1% 156 Editorial
Speech 5p 23.3% 132 Editorial
Hide n Seek 12p 24.9% 157 Editorial
Stalactites 17p 24.6% 220 Editorial
Stardust Snow 20p 13.0% 68 Editorial


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